20 Years of

Quality Workmanship

Learning the trade under their father, brothers Timothy and Wayne have successfully grown T&W Earthmoving in Condamine, QLD. Utilising local employees, suppliers and sub-contractors to build a team of experienced operators that can be relied upon to uphold the quality our customers have come to expect. 

Pursuing the Highest Standard of Health, Safety and Environmental Performance

Our Condamine base and office is comprised of a workshop, equipped with capable and experienced workshop mechanical staff. We also have secondary locations in Roma, Surat & Wallumbilla with various uses. 


In 2020, we obtained certificate of registration for the implementation of a management system conforming to ISO 45001:2018.

Our Capabilities

With our skills and values, you can be sure that we provide a high level of workmanship when performing earthmoving and civil construction projects. Here are examples of jobs we help clients with:

  • Lease Construction & Rehabilitation.

  • Road Construction and Restoration.

  • Dams and Turkeys Nest (Construction & Restoration).

  • Dam Desilting.

  • Shed Pad Construction.

  • Scrub Pulling.

  • Stick Raking.

  • Cutter Barring.

  • Contour Bank Construction.

  • Creek Crossing Construction.

  • Shoulder Maintenance & Repair.

  • Gravel Pit Works.

  • Ring Tank Construction.